"Griff" Griffin Fights for Houston Families

  • Bring Jobs to Houston
  • Fight for Small Businesses
  • Reduce Traffic & Crime

We have a great city and if we work together we can make it even Better.

As far as our pension problem, I would travel to other cities who have experienced the same issue and find out how they solved it. These would include cities such as Boston and San Francisco.

Griff Vs Costello

Created the 311 Self Help line in 2001 (helps 8,000 people a day) 
Griff Fought and Won the battle to lower the drainage tax for all of Houstonions. Pushed and spent thousands to create the Drainage Tax which his company has benefited from
Griff as a senior citizen thanks the City Council for Increasing our Senior Citizens Exemptions Councilman Costello recently voted against Increasing Senior Citizens Exemption. (One of only 2 Council members who voted against Seniors.)
Griff has been fighting for Houston Families for 47 years.Costello seems to have only been active for 22 years, mainly as a way to give more money to his business.
Griff has the reputation as getting things done which help the citizens of Houston. Griff is the "Common Sense Candidate"  

What Griff is Doing on His Own

Griff brings 3-1-1 to Houston

In 2011, Griff was honored by the Concerned Citizens of Housing Coalition. He was recognized for helping to create and introduce the 3-1-1 Pothole Hotline during the city elections of 1999 - 2000. Spurred on by requests of citizens he came up with a plan to give Houstonians an easier way to let the city know about roads in need of repair.

“Anything that opens the lines of communication between the people and the government is a good thing.”

Opening HOV Lanes after Dark

Wishing you could get home more quickly after attending an event downtown at night?

Ever see those HOV lanes sitting unused? Griff has been fighting hard to have the HOV lanes opened on the weekends from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM. To this end, he has received support from C. O. "Brad" Bradford Vice Mayor Pro Tem to make this happen.

We hope to expand this plan so that 7 days a weeks the HOV Lane will be opened till 11:00 PM, so that regardless of when the event happens you can attend and get home quickly.

What Griff Would Do If Elected

Extended HOV Hours.

Open all HOV lanes on the weekends free for all motorists and extend the late hours from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM which would allow all of downtown Houston vistors the chance to spend more time and money helping our Downtown Businesses and then allowing thousands of motorists to return home on the HOV Lanes before 11:00 PM.

Improving Downtown Houston

To make our Downtown City more Family and Customer friendly. By making all Festivals free for all children age 10 and under with the exception of The Children's Festival. By working with the Metro we would have free weekend rides when certain festivals are taking place.

Labor Day Free Ride Program was very successful and could be used to bring people Downtown. He will organize the parking situation which leaves a bitter taste in Citizens minds.

Small Business

As a Small Business Owner for over 30 years, I would like to see the city open up a city of Houston Small Business Department which could help with not only opening up a small business which they have now but expand where small businessman could get help for at least first 5 years. This could include help for legal, accounting or other major problems which could make or break a small business.

Reduce Crime

Increase the City's support to crime out programs in the areas that have the highest crime rates. Griff developed a crime out program in the Montrose Area back in 1990.

After School Programs

Join Church and Civic Associations to develop After School Programs which would allow the children a place to go after school to develop their skills.

Dr. Clark & Mrs. Jones Senior Citizens Leaders Thank Griff for the 311
Lyn Brogan & Griff Honored for St. Patricks Day
Griff, Don Pasternin (Houston Oilers), Jim Foley (Rockets), Gordon Quam (Houston City Council) being honored at Griffs.
Councilman Andrew C. Burks Jr. delivers Mayer's Proclamation for Griff